July 31, 2019

From the start, Randall Pitch knew he was meant for more. With the odds stacked against him, Randall and his family were forced to flee the genocide in Cambodia. Starting a new life in the United States many of his peers turned to gangs and were limited in options, to say the least. Taking the most logical approach to finding success, Randall enrolled at Long Beach State University. Supporting himself with his personal training business during his higher education, he was no stranger to hard work and more difficult times. In the midst of all of this, Randall had the foresight to see an opportunity and take a true leap of faith. Going against the wishes of his mother he turned $800 and four years of grinding into an eight-figure business. His incredible brand, LiveFit, has spawned many more opportunities and additional companies. Now with many trying to follow in his footsteps, Randall is committed to giving back to the next generation. Laying out his blueprint to the success he understands the importance of providing guidance to those that need it and those that are willing to put in the long hours. Randall's story is a testimony to the fact that no matter the circumstances if you’re willing to commit, absolutely anything is possible. The #NewAmericanDream is alive and well!