Randall Pich, Designer, creative director, CEO, musician, entrepreneur and founder of multiple brands has a story behind his growth and success. Ever since Randall was a child, his outlook on the world was different from those around him. Everything he saw, he saw as art; as a canvas. Always fascinated about how things work, everything he did he wanted to fully do and master it whether it be a craft or a hobby. With that trait along with his work ethic, he was able to combine his passion, career and other influences in life and create projects, brands and other creative content that people not only loved but could relate to. Live Fit. Apparel, the brand that swept the globe through social media was what gained fame for RP and is what most know him as; the CEO of Live Fit. Apparel.


With influences from his fitness career, personal training career and all prior experiences with graphic designing having prior streetwear brands, he was about to maneuver quick with the brand as it was gaining notoriety in the local community and then quickly globally through social platforms. Now, he has put out a true lifestyle brand that is literally a summary of his lifestyle… fitness, skateboarding, surfing… just being active and enjoying life as it comes. It has now become one of the industries leading companies paving the way for others to look up to.