Randall Pich, entrepreneur and founder of multiple brands has a story behind his growth and success. During his high school days, Randall did a lot of graphic designing, which led to working with a handful of companies. While growing up in the hardcore scene and skateboarding days, there were a lot of underground clothing lines blowing up. All he did was skateboard, hangout with friends, designed as a hobby for other clothing brands and local brands he started himself. He was young and didn’t see where the potential of companies could go so he chose to attend college after high school whereas some of his friends went on to pursue clothing lines that had made huge success, making millions.


While attending college at Long Beach State full-time, Randall worked as a personal trainer and owned a T-shirt store with his friend Bruce. Personal training came natural for him because he fell in love with working out and fitness in general. At the time, he had already competed in a few bodybuilding shows and physique competitions making a reputable name. While he was a personal trainer, Randall made ‘Live Fit.’ clothing exclusively for his clients. Now, he has put out a true lifestyle brand that is literally a summary of his lifestyle… fitness, skateboarding, surfing… just being active and enjoying life as it comes. It has now become one of the industries leading companies paving the way for others to look up to.