My signature LVFT military rucksack bag is finally here. At first glance this bag may look like your ordinary old school military rucksack but it's the changes you don't really see that makes all the difference. 

*Color: The color of the bag true to the product pics with the white background. The edited pics of me with my bike is filtered and changed the way the color looks. 

I've been using rucksacks from all different types of military groups or drum corps traveling, touring in my old bands and what not pretty much my whole life and come to really love the rugged style but since the military ones are old and haven't been revamped, there are a lot of cons when using those for example: the straps, the old school military rucksacks usually just have webbing or cotton straps with no padding which while holding and carrying the bag with a heavy load will eventually kill your traps with a sun burn feeling of pain and just suck overall... Also the normal rucksacks if you stand them up without anything inside, it'll just flop over because 1: There isn't any support and 2: There isn't any padding so I decided to make those changes and other personal changes to suit my "on the go" lifestyle.

Here are some key features of my signature rucksack bag:

  • 100% heavy duty durable cotton canvas.
  • Full back padded lining.
  • Breathable mesh padding on shoulder straps bottom of the back waist area.
  • Adjustable chest clips
  • Adjustable padded waist clip with two extra side pockets.
  • Outside cell phone button pocket.
  • Bottom padding
  • Inside pocket flap which includes a key chain hook, mesh pocket, zipper pocket and additional easy access pocket.
  • Metal clips and eyelets for durability and strength
  • LVFT. rubber label logo.
  • Dimensions: 22"x12"x7"